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The Other Crew is a deep rooted clan coming from as far back as SOF2 and gaining strength through our era of FEAR, BF2, COD4, UT3,  BFBC 2, Borderlands, BF3, BF4, BF1, Rocket League and now Rainbow Six Siege. We are players ranging in all skill levels with one main important thing in common with one another….We all game for the FUN of it. You will not find any elitist gamers among the [-TOC-] ranks, only folks looking to unwind from the daily toll that life takes on us. We hope you find a home here and become part of the [-TOC-] community.



Drinking Rocket League

Drinking Rocket League

Once again we will be playing drinking Rocket League.  Be ready to play and harness your inner red to pass out after a few drinks. When: Friday 01/06/2017 Join our TS for some fun.

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Battlefield 1 server rentals get new features

Battlefield 1 server rentals get new features

DICE has some good news for those thinking of renting Battlefield 1 servers, or those who already rent a server: the program will be getting new features very soon. The biggest new addition will be a separate Admin Control Panel on all platforms. This will make it easier to kick/ban players, add players to a […]

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Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine!

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BF4 Summer Patch  (September)

BF4 Summer Patch (September)

From BF central: DICE has announced that the BF4 Summer patch will be coming in September and will be called Battlefield 4 Night Operations, including one night map Zavod Graveyard Shift, based on Zavod 311. DICE is busy testing the upcoming Battlefield 4 Summer patch right now in the Community Test Environment, and by most […]

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Our Game Servers

We have various game and comms servers running. Check here for details on how to access them.

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