Battlefield 1 server rentals get new features

Battlefield 1 server rentals get new features

DICE has some good news for those thinking of renting Battlefield 1 servers, or those who already rent a server: the program will be getting new features very soon.

The biggest new addition will be a separate Admin Control Panel on all platforms. This will make it easier to kick/ban players, add players to a preferred VIP list, and more.

Other features include password protected servers, new gameplay options (such as turning off Behemoths, spawning on Squad leaders only), and more.

The new updates will be rolled out in the near future. DICE also stated that they will look to “improve the overall flows on how to find and populate a rented server.”

Unlike previous games in the series, Battlefield 1 servers are rented out directly by EA — there are no third party server providers this time.