Battlefield 4 still has more players than Hardline

BF4 Central posted this in their site:

Despite being a brand new title, Battlefield Hardline is behind Battlefield 4 when it comes to active players. Usually when a new Battlefield game is released, it quickly surpasses the old one in terms of online players. But that hasn’t happened with Hardline.

As player statistics from P-Stats network show, there are more active Battlefield 4 players than Hardline players. Granted, Battlefield 4 has been on the market for far longer than Hardline, but as mentioned earlier, new Battlefield games tend to surpass older games.
There are a couple of reasons why Battlefield 4 is more popular at the moment. One, Hardline has been somewhat of a disappointment. Despite having a stable launch, the game is the worst reviewed Battlefield game to date, with a MetaCritic rating of just 72. Another reason, and a big one, is that DICE and DICE LA have been releasing great Battlefield 4 updates over the past few months. BF4 is now better than ever, even despite the recent patch issues with hit registration.
Not only that, Battlefield 4 players have a lot to look forward to. The next patch will include a new game mode and new weapons, and later we’ll be getting night maps as well.
In other words, there is little reason for Battlefield 4 players to jump ship right now and join Hardline, as DICE has made it very clear that BF4 will be supported for quite a while.